Free Printable Storage Labels

Here’s a link to Better Homes and Gardens, they’ve got customizable DIY free printable storage labels, several colors and tons of designs. You do have to log in, I had to provide my name address and email but then it gave me access to all the templates but I think it’s worth it. Once there make sure you click on the arrow to keep scrolling through to see all 26 pictures, they are so cute and inspiring. As you can see in the first picture below I did some of my own, they recommend getting Avery labels to print on but I wouldn’t waste your money, I read a bunch of comments that said they don’t line up anyway. I just printed on heavy card stock and then I cut them out and taped them on to the bins. Not bad for free, only the first picture is mine, the rest are all from the Better Homes and Gardens website (believe me I wish my stuff was that pretty and organized).

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