Impromptu Orzo Salad meal for less than $5.00

So the dreaded question every night “what’s for dinner” I’m usually somewhat prepared, I’ve taken something out of the freezer or I have something in mind but tonight I was not, so I looked in my pantry and fridge and here’s what I came up with.
 Orzo with chicken and vegetable salad
12.5oz Can of Chicken Breast $1.66
Orzo $ .35 I found it at Safeway discounted 50%
Baby Cucumbers $1.00
Grape Tomato’s $ .75
Onion $ .10
Salt/Pepper/Parsley Flakes $ .05
Italian Dressing $ .25
Grand Total $4.16
I know there is a million other things I could have added, feta cheese, fresh parsley, but I didn’t have those things so I just used what I had, it turned out pretty good and there is leftovers for tomorrow and it turned out to be one of my $5 Meals.
Here’s a link to all of our $5 Meals, the whole meal for around $5!
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