Cold Air Stopper from a Pair of Jeans

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I’m sure you’ve seen different versions of cold air stoppers on Pinterest.  It’s pretty simple all you need is something to put at the bottom of doors to keep the cold air draft from coming in. I did a quick search online and there are a ton of links for different retailers that sell a version of this but it’s so easy to make one at home, you don’t need to spend the money and buy one. I love my cold air stopper from a pair of jeans. 
I keep this in front of a coat closet door because inside is a door to the crawl space and I can feel the cold air pouring through. I really love the fact that it was made from used and now it has a new life as a draft stopper.

How to make it:

Karen (my Sister) made this for me ages ago, probably 10 years or more and I still use it every winter, in the summer I just put it under a bed. She used old jeans and cut the pant legs off and stuffed them with some bags of beans for a little bit of weight and then a bunch of cotton. Then you want to hand stitch the ends closed. You could probably use anything to stuff it as long as it has a little weight to it and something to keep the shape so that it covers the open space along the bottom of the door.
You don’t have to use a pair of jeans. You could use any other type of pants that you aren’t wearing anymore. Make 2 since you’ve got 2 pantlegs. 
Cold Air Stopper


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If you don’t want to make your own air stopper out of a pair of jeans you can always buy a real one, Here’s some real cold air stoppers:
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