Sisters with Stuff is not just about saving money!

I don’t know why but we always have 8 million glasses of half full water sitting around the house at any given time, there is only 3 of us, 2 adults and one child but somehow we do. Not really 8 million but you get the idea, the point of all this is that I try to never let it go to waste. I said in the title, Sisters with Stuff is not just about saving money, we are about saving the environment, water, electricity, resources and what ever else we can save so that our children have a future on this planet.
Instead of just dumping all this water every time, I use it to water my plants and we reuse the glasses a couple times before putting them in the dishwasher, when the ice machine on the fridge dumps too much ice and it ends up falling on the floor I never throw it in the sink, I always put it in a plant. In the summer time when I boil pasta or corn on the cob I always let the water cool and then I use it to water my outside flower pots or I dump it in the grass instead of down the drain, it’s full of nutrients so plants love it. Another thing I remembered is when I give my daughter a bath I close the drain before I turn on the water, of course it’s cold at first but it warms up and then you just adjust the water temperature, so I don’t have gallons and gallons of cold water pouring down the drain while I wait for it to warm up.
Those are just a few of my quirky water saving methods, how about you? Anything you can think of?
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