Some simple changes you can make to your buying habits to save money!

If you are really trying to cut back on your spending here are a few things that you could take a look at, I realize everyone’s situation is different, and sometimes the time savings and convenience are worth more to you so do what works best for you.
The first thing that I always do Is buy seasonal. I don’t buy watermelons and fresh berries in the winter. I buy apples and squash and oranges and citrus fruits. If you have to bring a fruit salad of course I’ll buy what I need to but generally, I try to shop the seasonal items when they have the best price. For me, that one is just a no-brainer.
Instead of buying prepackaged precut servings of carrots, peel and cut your own carrots into snack-size pieces and keep them in a container in the fridge for quick snacking or put them in your own small containers to take to work or school. I buy 2lb bags of organic carrots for $1.49, which works out to $ .75 per lb, I checked the price of the little pre-peeled and cut organic baby carrots they sell 24/2.25oz bags for $5.99 that works out to $1.93 per lb.
Packaged $1.93 – DIY $ .75 = $1.18 per lb savings
Cut your own apples, I can always find organic apples for $ .99 on sale, If you buy the prepackaged sliced organic apples you get 8/6oz bags for $6.99 that works out to $2.33 per lb.
Packaged $2.33 –  DIY $ .99 = $1.34 per lb savings
Make your own hashbrowns instead of buying the frozen packages, the cheapest I can find shredded frozen hash browns is a 30oz bag of store brand for $1.75, non store brands are at least $3.00 but we’ll use the store brand price, it works out to $ .93 lb. I can buy a 10 lb bag of potatoes for $2.38 right now, when I make baked potatoes I just make several extra, and then we have hashbrowns the next morning. They shred super easy when they are cold and you are getting the skin which has most of the nutrients.
Packaged $ .93 lb – DIY $ .24 lb = $ .69 lb savings
Get jugs of juice instead of juice boxes, I can buy store brand 100% apple juice 64oz for $2.00 that works out to $ .031 per oz, I found online 40/6.75oz 100% juice boxes for $31.78 that works out to $ .11 per oz. If you got a 64 oz bottle of juice for $ .11 per oz you would end up paying $7.04 for that bottle, there is no way you would pay $7.04 for a bottle of apple juice.
Prepackaged foods are a budget killer, we all have to use them at times but try to buy ingredients, you’ll save money in the long run.
These are just a few ideas, I know the dollar amounts aren’t huge but I still think every penny counts right! If you like these check more of my Quirky/Thrifty things I do to save money!
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