Vaseline to the rescue! Sorry I didn’t have a picture of Vaseline with a cape on, just try to imagine it! Strike that….I do now!

Ok I’ve had to change this post because thanks to one of my very creative friends (Scout you know who you are) she photoshopped me a picture of Vaseline with a cape. How awesome is that!!!!!!

Do you dye your hair at home? You don’t have to answer that, it was a rhetorical question but if you do dye your hair at home you can use vaseline to keep the dye from creeping onto and discoloring your skin, just put a thin layer along the skin around your hairline, vaseline to the rescue!!!!!

Is bathtime miserable at your house, do you dread bathing your children, would you just rather let them be the stinky kids instead of fighting them to wash their hair? If you just swipe a little vaseline on their eyebrows before you wash their hair, then the soapy water doesn’t drip in their eyes. Just tell them you have a magic force field that you can put on their face so that water won’t go near their eyes, like I said vaseline to the rescue!!!!
 If this ends up solving your problem at bathtime you can repay me later…….I like Mocha’s….tall….with whip!
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