Don’t be afraid of the clearance section when shopping for plants!

I know we’ve talked about this when it comes to food, Karen wrote an article You don’t always have to use coupons to save money, she talks about checking the clearance section at your grocery store for meat deals. You should also do this if you are shopping for outdoor plants, we have a Home Depot near us and they always have a rack of plants that may not look as nice as the rest or has some dead leaves on it so no one will buy it. Most of the time there is nothing wrong with the plant, obviously you want to make sure it’s not infested with bugs or some disease that is killing it but if it’s just a little neglected all it needs is a little TLC to bring it back to life.
I’ve purchased many plants in the clearance section and they all are thriving, this picture is the latest, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it and I only paid $3.50, regular price was $5.99.

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