The Best Fruit Dip You’ve Ever Had

The Best Fruit Dip You've Ever Had

I can’t say enough how much I love this dip, so good I can eat it by the spoonful (and I do sometimes). This dip can go with any type of fruit, strawberries, pears, sliced apples, try using granny smiths, you will love the combination of the sour apple and the sweet dip. I’m thinking it would be good on pretty much anything, you could probably spread it on an old shoe and it would be good……okay maybe not a shoe but you get the point.

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I also love the fact that this is a budget-friendly recipe, with only 2 ingredients. When I am researching recipes to share with our readers and for myself. I always look for budget-friendly recipes, not too many expensive ingredients to buy, I like to keep it simple and inexpensive.

I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count, it’s not just for Valentine’s day, it can be used for anything. I’ve made it for Christmas, I’ve brought it as a dip with fruit to parties. People always rave about how good it is and they can’t believe that it’s only 2 ingredients, try it and you will be hooked.

Here’s what you need:

One 8oz package of softened Cream Cheese (just take it out a few hours ahead of time)
One 7oz Jar of Marshmallow Cream, can be found in the baking supplies w/the Marshmallows

Mix together with a handheld or stand-up mixer until creamy and smooth.

If you have any leftover (which never happens) just put some plastic wrap over the top and refrigerate, it will last a day or two.

The Best Fruit Dip You've Ever Had

Here’s the items you need:

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