I’m growing new garlic from old garlic cloves

Garlic should be it’s own food group, I could sit and eat garlic with bread and olive oil for hours, no one will want to be around me for days but what can you do. I buy the big bulk bag at Costco because I use so much of it but there is always some dried out cloves when you start getting to the bottom of the bag. Just for the heck of it I took some outside and put them in a pot of dirt and just left them. I’ve seen on Pinterest and other places that you can grow garlic just by planting cloves, so far it’s working, this is about 3 weeks worth of growth.
I read online that this is not the greatest time to plant garlic, it’s better to plant in the fall. I’ll just give it a try, it will probably be several months but I’ll let you know if it turns out.

Anybody else tried this?

You can do the same thing with celery, check out my celery experiment  last year where I grew my own celery from the part that you cut off and toss!

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