Wine bottle gift bag from a pair of jeans

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So funny story…….my Sister knows that I’m always looking for cheap or free fabric or even old garments that I can cut up and repurpose. She gave me several pair of her old jeans to use for a fun upcycle project or whatever I wanted. I ended up using one of the pant legs and sewing it into a wine bag to give to her as a gift (with a bottle of wine in it of course). You can’t get more budget-friendly than this, the pant leg cost me nothing, I just had to buy the bottle of wine.
Make a wine bottle gift bag from a pair of jeans. Cut the bottom of the pant leg long enough to fit the bottle of wine and be able to sew it shut on the bottom leave the cuff on, that becomes the top. Before sewing, the bottom closed you can sew the pocket on. You can use the pocket to put a wine opener or a little note. Turn inside out, sew the bottom closed then turn it right side out and you’ve got a bag, I used a different ribbon to tie it closed
Wine bottle gif bag from a pair of jeans
You can also up-cycle a pair of jeans (maybe you could use the other leg) into an under-door draft stopper. Cut the pant leg off and stuff with cotton and bags of beans or something for weight. Sew both ends shut and use it for drafty spots under doors. This is a super simple project to do, if you didn’t have a sewing machine you could hand stitch the ends closed. 
Cold air stopper from a pair of jeans

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