See through bouncy egg experiment for kids

See Through Bouncy Egg Experiment For Kids

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See through bouncy egg experiment for kids

Does your child have to do a science experiment for the science fair this year? I’ve got a great one, See Through Bouncy Egg Experiment For Kids! 

Every year I would dread the science fair because you know who has to do most of the work and get the pictures developed and get the board and all the ingredients……Mom does!!!!

You try your best to make your child responsible for their own work but you still have to supervise and make sure they have everything they need like the board to display and all the details of the experiment and the ingredients.

We’ve done several but I think this one is my favorite and I loved the fact that it was budget-friendly. You only need 2 ingredients: white vinegar and eggs. I always have vinegar around, I buy the gallon 2pk because I use it in my cleaning. Here’s a couple of my money-saving cleaning hacks using vinegar.

Here’s what you need for the experiment:

Ok, so you need an egg, white vinegar, and a jar with a lid.
You are going to fill it up enough to cover the egg, put the lid on and leave it.
You are going to watch the egg, bubbles are normal. Your child can document the changes happening in the first 4 days. We took ours out after 4 days, the shell was not completely dissolved and it had kind of a slimy texture on the outside and it was still hard.  You will want to leave it in for 7 days at least, by 7 days all of the shell is gone. The outside is very smooth and transparent and the egg has a bouncy feel to it but I don’t recommend bouncing it on the ground. It will break and a foul thick white goo will come out that smells like very strong vinegar.
See through bouncy egg experiment for kids

It looks very strange when it’s see through, if you move it in front of the light you can see the yolk moving on the inside. I would recommend doing a few starting on different days so your child can record as much data during the process as possible. If you accidentally drop and break it you will have a couple of backups. Have them look up what the outside of the shell is made out of and what the bubbles are and the chemical reaction it goes through as the acetic acid (vinegar) dissolves the eggshell.

See through bouncy egg experiment for kids

You will want to weigh your egg before and after and show a picture of a raw egg and the finished egg next to each other because once the shell is dissolved. The egg starts to absorb vinegar through osmosis so it will weigh more than it did when you started.

Like I said earlier this is one of my favorites, there is a lot of information for your child to look up and write about. I won’t ruin it and give you all of the details. It doesn’t cost a fortune to do, just an empty jar and a few eggs and white vinegar, This is the vinegar that we used AVO Pure Natural Distilled White Vinegar but you can use whatever white vinegar you have.

It’s a project that you can see visible results every day and the end result is really cool. When your child presents it at school I would recommend only letting he or she take it out of the jar, if it starts to get passed around it will get dropped for sure and it’s a stinky mess. Believe me, all the kids will want to touch it, bring a backup up or two just in case.

Trust me on this, after everything is turned in and graded your child will want to take one of the eggs and throw it on the ground. It’s so tempting because it’s like a bouncy ball, just let them throw it until it breaks (outside in the yard of course) that’s half the fun of it.

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