Clean and sharpen the blade in your coffee grinder by grinding uncooked rice

You can clean and sharpen your coffee grinder blade by grinding uncooked rice, I’m telling you this one really works.

For some reason this is a very popular searched subject, before having a self hosted blog I had this blog with a free provider and I had a post similar to this one and it was viewed so many times and searched over and over, I never understood the popularity of it but I will give you all the fabulous details with even better pictures cuz it really does work. 

Did you know?

Did you know: The heat of roasting coffee beans causes the outer hull of the bean to crack open and the oils seep out, so the longer they are roasted the darker and oilier they are and of course have a much stronger flavor, lighter colored beans have been exposed to less heat so they generally aren’t oily and have a much milder taste, just thought it was an interesting bit of info if you have ever wondered why some beans are oily and some are not, ok that’s enough coffee 101 for now, let’s get to the details.

Here’s how it works.

If you grind your own coffee beans then you know the darker beans have an oily residue that stays in your coffee grinder and makes it hard to keep clean. We tend to drink the darker roast so my grinder is always dirty, even if you use a rag or towel to wipe it out, it still doesn’t come clean because of the oils. You can see here that my coffee grinder has seen better days, part of the plastic is broken and it’s obviously very dirty.

Clean your coffee grinder blade by grinding uncooked rice

To clean it, every once in a while I put a small amount of regular uncooked rice in it, plain old long-grain white rice that comes in a 25lb bag from Costco, I wouldn’t use instant rice, I don’t think it would clean it as well as regular uncooked rice. You can see that I didn’t fill it to the top, maybe 1/4 or 1/3 full.

Grind uncooked rice to sharpen your coffee grinder blade

I put the lid on and grind it all up until it sounds like it’s powder, I turn it upside down with the lid still on and hit the sides a couple of times to shake down everything that is in there, when you open it up most of the powder and coffee residue is in the lid and the place where you put the beans will have a little bit of white powdery residue left in it. Take it over a sink and hit it a couple of times to shake it out or blow on it (but keep your eyes closed). If it still has coffee residue then put in a little more rice and grind it again.

Grind uncooked rice in your coffee grinder to clean and sharpen the blade

When you are done, the grinder comes out looking shiny and brand new, the blade is sharpened and your grinder works so much better, I’m always amazed at the improvement, I think to myself I should do this more often. You are left with a little bowl of white/brown powdery residue. I just put mine in the yard waste, I don’t think there is anything you can do with it.

That’s all there is to grinding uncooked rice in your coffee grinder to clean and sharpen the blades. I don’t even remember where I learned this fun little trick. It’s really cool to somebody out there, hopefully, they find this new and improved post. We have lots of neat hacks and tricks on this blog so keep reading, feel free to share with someone you think would enjoy it. 
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