Crock Pot Split Pea Soup with the leftover Ham Bone

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Usually, the only time we have ham is around the Holidays but if I’m out shopping and I find one on sale I grab it. I will stock up on ham if I find it $ .99 cents a pound or less. Ham is so versatile and you can literally get 3 or 4 meals out of a ham depending on the size of your family. My favorite thing to do is to make Crock Pot Split Pea Soup with the leftover ham bone.

How many things can you make out of leftover ham:

There are so many things you can make out of leftover ham besides Crock Pot Split Pea Soup with the leftover ham bone. Ham and scalloped potatoes are a favorite. Sometimes I actually get my mandoline out and slice my own potato’s and make it from scratch. I have this heavy duty Good Grips Mandoline Slicer that is amazing. It has held up for at least 20 years and it does different types of cuts, I highly reccomend it. Other times I’m not feeling as motivated and I will just use a couple of boxes of the pre-made. If you have rice and carrots and peas you can dice everything up and make fried rice. Make a ham scramble out of diced ham, eggs, and hash browns. Ham sandwiches, ham salad, ham, and potato soup. 

Here’s a soup where I just threw in what I had in the pantry and fridge. Chicken Stock, white navy beans from a can, carrots, mushrooms, spinach, and pasta shells. I was literally winging it with this one but it turned out good,

Here’s how to make Crock Pot Split Pea Soup with the Leftover Ham Bone

If you have carved all the meat off the bone then you are good to go. If there is still a lot of meat left on the bone cut that off, you can save it for something else or put it in the soup. Start this in the crockpot first thing in the morning. You want it to be able to cook on low all day to get all the flavors out of the bone. You also want the split peas and vegetables to be perfectly done, 

Ingredient list:

Ham bone and juices if there are any

1 lb green split peas

1 diced onion

4 stalks of celery diced

4-5 medium diced carrots

Salt and pepper to taste

Put the ham bone in the crockpot, add the diced onion, celery, carrots, and split peas or lentils. Fill the pot with water (or chicken stock for more flavor) leaving an inch left at the top. Set on low and cook for 8 hours. We have another article Ways to Use a Ham that has more ideas for using up leftover ham.

When I chop vegetables and meat I always use different cutting boards to prevent cross contamination. I have a certain color cutting board that I only use for veggies, it is green. I have another one that is blue that I only use for meat. My family can never remember and constantly have to ask me so I found this set with 4 different colors and each one is lableled for the different food types so there is no cross contamination. Check them out: Set of 4 Colors, Labeled Plastic Cutting Boards, BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe.

 You may not need any salt and pepper, the ham bone usually provides enough flavor. When it’s finished it will be soupy and everything will be very soft. Some people like to blend theirs with an immersion blender but I don’t. The pictures don’t do it justice but it’s so delicious and perfect for a cold night.

I serve it with a slice of my homemade bread, it’s my Simple 3 ingredient no-knead dutch oven bread. That bread is literally the best bread to have with Crock Pot Split Pea Soup with the leftover ham bone. Or try my French Bread in Less than 90 Minutes if you need bread fast.

The dutch oven bread costs me less than $ .40 cents to make and the french bread cost less than $1.00 to make. The entire meal was only a few dollars after using the meat for other meals. This is a very budget-friendly meal and so good for you. This definitely fits into our category of $5 Meal Ideas.

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If you are looking for a good Crock Pot, Amazon has a large selection. That is where I purchased my Crock Pot and it has lasted me years without any issues.

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  1. Lots of GREAT ideas. I make mine in a heavy pot on the stove, but take the chopped carrot, celery and onion and blend them with more chicken stock in the blender and add them to the split peas simmering with chicken stock. I boil the bone and trimmings we trim off to get every last bit of flavor out of them. I add the cubed ham the last hour. The veggies usually have dissolved into the soup after simmering anyway, even without blending. Isn’t it great to get a couple more meals out of that Holiday Ham.

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