Homemade Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie and Scarf

I started sewing 4 years ago, it has been such fun and a huge stress reliever for me, and I’ve learned how to make quite a few things. A few years ago I made this Homemade Harry Potter Gryffindor Tie and Scarf for my daughter to wear to a Girl Scout Harry Potter themed activity. I also ended up wearing it on Halloween as Professor McGonagall.

Homemade Harry Potter Tie and Scarf

Just so happened to have the Gryffindor colors that I needed, my daughter brought the fabric home from a free bin at a garage sale, who knew I would need it. I alternated colors for the scarf and then drew out a template for the tie. The burgundy was the main body and I added gold stripes. It cost me nothing to make this costume, we just added the white shirt and black robe which we already had. She loved it and it looked so cute on her.

Harry Potter Scarf and tie

Sewing as a hobby

Being able to sew things gives you such a feeling of accomplishment, the fact that you can sit down at your machine and make something useable is so cool. I’ve made so many things, tote bags, scarves, potholders, quilts, matching skirts for my daughter and myself, coasters. It’s so fun to be able to make teacher gifts because they rave about and absolutely love that I made it.

Sewing can save you money

Sewing can actually save you money! I put decorative pillows on our couch but we got rid of that couch and got a completely different colored couch so I just sewed pillow envelopes with fabric that I picked out to match. If you want to change your colors you don’t have to buy new pillows, you can just pick out the fabric you want to use and you’ve got a completely different look. These are the new pillow covers on the pillows and the headrest covers I made. You can mend things that you might normally throw away. You can fix holes in clothes and shorten sleeves and pants. It is a really great skill to have. 

Harry Potter Tie and scarf

A lot of people have a sewing machine sitting somewhere in their house but they are afraid to take it out of the box or they have no idea how to thread it or wind a bobbin. Go to YouTube and search for your model of sewing machine. I found a tutorial for my first sewing machine that had 42 Videos, that’s amazing!!! Don’t be scared, pull out that sewing machine and learn everything about it and start sewing. You can find simple beginner projects to do on Youtube, it tells you step by step, no more excuses, get sewing!!!

Here is my little sewing helper that has to be right there in the middle of everything, she is pretty adorable!!!


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