A bowl of Vinegar to Clean your Microwave

A bowl of vinegar to clean your microwave

I swear by this cleaning tip, I have used it so many times. I use a lot of white distilled vinegar anyway for cleaning, it’s inexpensive and not full of harmful chemicals. If you don’t already use this, you’ll want to pin it for sure. I’m going to tell you how to use A bowl of Vinegar to Clean your Microwave.

When microwaving food you should use a lid, not sealed but just loosely set on top. If you don’t use a lid food splatters and gets cooked onto the walls of your microwave. Trying to scrub off food splatter is impossible. The food particles are practically glued on. Stop scrubbing!!! You don’t need to do that anymore.

How to clean your microwave:

You need is a small microwaveable glass bowl, fill half with white distilled vinegar and the other half with water. Microwave it until it boils. When you open the door it’s warm and steamy and you can take a regular dishrag and wipe down the inside. If it’s still not loosened set the microwave for another 30 seconds. Everything wipes off so easily because the steam has loosened anything that was cooked on. It’s amazing, you just wipe it clean, I always take out the turntable and wash it in the sink but I could just wipe it off if I wanted to. The vinegar leaves a clean fresh smell without using chemicals.

There are other variations for example using lemon juice instead of vinegar or microwaving a wet rag. The moisture from the rag would steam the inside of the microwave, therefore, loosening the food particles. However I prefer the vinegar method, maybe it’s the smell left behind. The vinegar actually absorbs all the food smells and just leaves a light scent. You can use paper towels instead of a dishrag, here in the Pacific NW we recycle everything so I can throw the used paper towels into the yard waste and they get composted.

Why use Vinegar to clean?

Plain white vinegar is non-toxic and eco-friendly and very budget-friendly. According to Healthline.com, vinegar is made from Acetic Acid. The acetic nature of vinegar is powerful enough to dissolve mineral deposits, dirt, grease, and grime. It is strong enough to kill some bacteria, not all. The best vinegar is white distilled, darker vinegar can actually stain surfaces. White vinegar contains 5% acidity which is similar to the acidity levels in many multipurpose cleaners. Healthline.com.

What else can you clean with Vinegar?

Use vinegar as a glass cleaner, put one part water and 2 parts vinegar into a spray bottle. It can be used for glass surfaces and mirrors. Use vinegar in your washing machine instead of fabric softener. It cleans and removes odors from garments and it doesn’t leave a vinegar smell. If your front load washer is starting to get stinky read my article about using Vinegar and Baking Soda to clean your Front Load Washer. Use vinegar to eliminate strong smells like curry that linger in your house. Love curry but hate how the smell lingers in your house. If your vinyl shower curtain is getting moldy Wash your vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine with a cup of Vinegar. Use undiluted vinegar in a sprayer and spray weeds, if they get lots of sun they start dying withing a couple of days.

In conclusion I think Vinegar is so versatile and so inexpensive, stop spending money on expensive cleaners. As you’ve read there are so many uses for Vinegar.

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