Get 80 Refills from this Jug When You Make Foam Soap

Get 80 Refills from this Jug When you Make Foam Soap

If you are like everyone around the world you are washing your hands like crazy. According to the CDC handwashing or using an alcohol based sanitizing rub is an effective way to prevent the spread of pathogens and infections. Because of the demand for hand soap, it has been sometimes hard to find. When you do find hand soap you have to make it last. I’m going to show you how to get 80 Refills From This Jug When You Make Foam Soap.

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Here’s how to get 80 refills from this jug when you make foam soap:

Here’s how you refill this foam soap dispenser 80 times with this big refill jug, it comes out to about $.09 per refill. This jug is 80oz, a two-pack of these at my Costco is $13.00 that includes our state tax, it only takes 1oz to refill each foam soap dispenser (I measured it out). Be sure to save all your old foam soap dispensers. It has to be the FOAM dispenser, the regular liquid soap dispensers don’t work. Amazon has some really cute foam dispensers to choose from, this is just one style I found. Mason Jar Foaming Soap Dispenser.
Fill the empty bottle with the liquid soap to where my finger is pointing about 1/4 ” or approximately 1oz. More is not better in this case, if you use too much liquid soap it won’t come out foamy. The pump will be hard to push down and you won’t get any foam. You could use a sharpie and just put a small mark on the back so you know how much soap to put in the next time. 
Fill the rest of the way with water but leave space at the top where my finger is pointing. You need some room at the top to allow the water and soap to mix plus if it’s too full and you put the top back on it will overflow.
Put the lid back on and shake to mix the soap and water. You will know if you have the right ratio if it comes out exactly like foam soap. If you have too much soap it won’t come out of the dispenser. Add more water until you can move the pump and you get foam soap. You can buy a 56oz Jug of Clear Handsoap for $5.99 which would be pretty close to the same amount per ounce.
This is all we use, you can’t beat $.09 per refill. You are absolutely throwing your money away if you are buying a new dispenser for $3-$4 dollars every time. Plus the amount of plastic that is used for all those single-use dispensers. When you refill from the larger jug you are reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the landfill. You might also like My Homemade Recipe to Keep my Front Load Washer Smelling Fresh.

Regardless of whether you use foam soap or liquid soap it’s still a good idea to buy the large jugs and refill your empty bottles. If you like this article, we have more money saving hacks you might enjoy reading about:

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  1. Such a great tip! I’ve never thought of using FOAM dispensers! I always love when it comes out as foam instead of a detergent like soap. It’s always too much if you don’t dilute it anyway. Definitely doing this from now on!

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