Ground Turkey for 6 Meals $1.66 per Meal

My goal is to make dinner for my family of 3 for $5. It doesn’t have to be right on, a little over or under. I start by looking for deals on meat or whatever protein I want to use. Sometimes is fish, chicken, sometimes it’s tofu, or just beans or legumes. Then I add on my fresh vegetable (I rarely used canned or frozen) and then a starch. This is how I try to keep it around $5. Here is a great deal I found and it helps me stay within my budget of $5. Ground Turkey for 6 meals $1.66 per Meal. Find all of our $5 Meal Ideas in the $5 Meal Idea Category.

Ground Turkey for 6 Meals $1.66 per Meal

Here’s how I get ground turkey for 6 meals $1.66 per meal.

Rarely I find these 3lb packages of Ground Turkey for $5. When I do I grab a couple of them to divide up for individual meals. We don’t eat ground beef, I only use ground Turkey and one pound is perfect for one meal. I split each package into 3 equal parts to put in the freezer. Use freezer bags that are a little heavier and squeeze out as much air as you can so they don’t get freezer burnt.

I end up with 3 individual 1lb packages that make my cost $1.66 per pound. If you were to buy an individually wrapped 1lb package of ground turkey, same brand, same fat content, it costs at least $3.99 if not more. I won’t pay that much even if it is convenient. I find sales on 1lb packages 2 for $4 or 2 for $5. If I’m out of ground turkey I will buy those. This is exactly what I do with a whole pork loin, I cut it up equally to get 5 meals from a whole pork loin.  

Ground Turkey for 6 Meals $1.66 per Meal

With just a little work ahead of time you can save yourself a lot of money:

I bought 2 of the 3lb packages and I have six 1lb packages of turkey to put in the freezer and my cost was only $1.66 per pound. Just by doing a little extra work ahead of time, you can save yourself from having to buy the individually wrapped packages that cost $3.99 or more. ThisĀ another way I am able to make most of our meals around $5.00 for the whole thing. Ground turkey can be used just like ground beef. Tacos, chili, meatloaf, Turkey Burgers I even made Turkey Meatloaf Mashed Potato Muffins. You can find that recipe and more $5 meal recipes in our $5 Meal Ideas category.

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