Upcycled items Repurposed into Sewing Storage

Upcycled items Repurposed into Sewing Storage

Sewing is probably my favorite hobby. When you first start you probably have a machine, some pins a little bit of fabric. When you really get into it, there are a million different sewing notions that you can buy. Pretty soon you have so many things, cutting mats, wonder clips, sewing shears. There are so many fun notions, I could go on forever. I had to start getting creative with storage and anything I can upcycle or repurpose is that much better. I wanted to share some of my Upcycled items Repurposed into Sewing Storage.

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My attempts at repurposing:

This is one of my favorites, I end up with so many empty spools and wanted to do something creative them. This rounded jar was from a food item I bought, I filled it with empty spools. Then I used some batting and fabric to cover the lid. Now it’s an adorable pin cushion. I love it, sew fun!!!!

I had some of these cute little cans from Christmas that had those long round cream-filled wafers. Great for storing random stuff. I spruced it up by sewing fabric that would fit around the main part and the lid. It’s fun to just practice making your own little patterns for things. It really helps to take your sewing skills to the next level. I did a review on the sewing machine I use because I love it so much. My Review of the CS6000i Sewing & Quilting Machine.

I would call myself a sewist instead of a seamstress:

If you are a sewist (yes that is a real word for someone who sews) then you know half of sewing is ironing. Who knew right? If you want your items to look nice you have to iron them throughout the sewing process. Don’t even ask me about the ironing when you make a quilt……gaahhh!

Anyway since I spent a lot of time at the ironing board, I needed a little pocket or something to hold a few tools. Usually a seam gauge and some scissors and a pen or pencil. I kind of pieced this together from a few tutorials that I found online. None of them were exactly what I had in mind so I improvised a little. I love it, it’s perfect for my ironing board.

Most of my fabric has been given to me, or from the thrift store. On the rare occasion do I buy yardage from a fabric store. I have so much that it seems like a waste not to use it so I have all different colors and patterns. I don’t buy a lot of fabric but I do love sewing notions. They have a lot of notions at Fabric.com, they offer free shipping on orders over $49.

This little jar is where I put my buttons, I had a little of this shiny purple that I used to wrap around it. It looks cute next to my purple pin cushion. Don’t ask me why all the purple, it’s not even my favorite color. It’s stuff I have so I use it.

More Upcycled items Repurposed into Sewing Storage:

This is one of my favorites, I use it when I have to take my sewing stuff somewhere. I made this holder for sewing tools but you could use it for art stuff like brushes. If I wanted I could have sewn the pockets close together so you could fit a bunch of pens or colored pencils.

Again this is fabric that is given to me but it’s kind of funky, the fake animal print. This pattern took a little more time, it’s fully lined and has heavy-duty ties to keep it closed. If you like repurposing things I have an entire article called 20 Upcycle & Repurpose Projects will Love. Lots of cute projects not sewing related.

Upcycled items Repurposed into Sewing Storage
Upcycled items Repurposed into Sewing Storage

This isn’t a sewing project but it’s a repurposing project! I wanted to get rid of this file cabinet but I couldn’t get anybody to take it even for free. I decided I would repurpose it into a fabric holder, in other words I have a ton of fabric. You can read about it…File Cabinet Makeover Before & After.

I didn’t buy anything for it, I just used whatever we had in the garage, that’s kind of my thing not spending anything on supplies if I don’t have to. It fits perfectly under my sewing desk and I can put a lot of fabric in the drawers. In conclusion it’s not the cutest I admit but it works fine for fabric storage.

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Upcycled items Repurposed into Sewing Storage

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