5 Drugstore Makeup Products You Should Avoid

(This is a guest post written by Beauty with BD, you can find more makeup tips on her YouTube channel Beauty with BD)

Hello, I’m BD from Beauty with BD. I am an advocate for Drugstore Brands. Why spend money on expensive items when you can buy drugstore items that work just as well or better than high-end brands. Over the years drugstore makeup quality has definitely improved so it can compete with higher-end brands, but here and there I buy things that don’t work at all for me and I regret spending the money on it. I wanted to speak about my experience with 5 drugstore makeup products you should avoid.

Number 5. wet n wild Mega last Retractable Eyeliner

I want to start out by saying this product isn’t all bad. It does have some pros, it doesn’t bleed and it doesn’t transfer to your lower lash line. Overall though it’s a pretty lackluster product. The eyeliner is very stiff and impossible to get good pigmentation on the eye’s. The swatch’s I have down below look ok but I had to press really hard to get any color pay off. You shouldn’t be pressing that hard on your eyes. Also the smudger on the end is super stiff and does not work at all. This is one drugstore brand I wouldn’t buy again.

Number 4, e.l.f Poreless Putty Primer

This product was a complete waste of money. All the beauty gurus were raving about this product so I figured I would try it. I really expected it to be good but it wasn’t. It simply didn’t do anything for my face at all. Maybe it’s because my pores aren’t that huge but this product didn’t do anything for the pores that I do have. It left a strange texture and a white cast so overall I don’t recommend it. Additionally, e.l.f is supposed to be one of the cheaper brands at drugstores yet they charge $8 for this item. I wouldn’t buy this item again and I certainly would not pay $8 for it.

Number 3, wet n wild Shutter Shock Eyelashes & Glue

This product is a very interesting one to me. I can’t tell if it’s a user error or if the product is just bad but these eyelashes are impossible to work with. I don’t normally use fake eyelashes but since these were only a dollar I decided to try them out. Overall they are really really hard to work with. The band that you put the glue on is way too thick and stiff, the lashes also poke you in the eye. Another thing I don’t like is the lash glue that comes with it. It simply does not work. No matter how much glue you put on, the lashes will not stick to your eyes. It also clumps up and ruins your eyeshadow. So overall even though these are really cheap I would not recommend getting them.

5 Drugstore Makeup Products You Should Avoid

Number 2, Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara Waterproof

This product isn’t actually that bad by itself. It gives the lashes nice volume, it’s a nice color, and it doesn’t flake too bad. My main problem is that it’s impossible to get off. Of course, since it’s waterproof it’s supposed to last but that doesn’t mean it should be impossible to take off. No matter how much I scrub with makeup remover at my lashes, I can’t get it all off. When I use this I have mascara on my lashes for the next three days. If you want a good cheap mascara I recommend getting the regular version of this mascara but I wouldn’t recommend getting the waterproof version. Mine is a couple of months old so it looks dried out in the picture.

Number 1 NYX Radiant Finish Setting Spray

I picked it up because I wanted a nice glow to my face but this product is absolutely awful. There are bronze pearls in the spray and it turns your face orange when you use it. The actual sprayer on it is also the worst. It spits at your face and it never gives you an even spray even if you shake it. Plus it leaves your makeup looking splotchy. It doesn’t make my makeup last longer as most other setting sprays do. It’s not a good setting spray, there are so many other brands that you can pick up at the drugstore that are cheaper than this one. This ranks number 1 on my list of 5 Drugstore Makeup Products You Should Avoid.

The drugstore has a huge selection of makeup and makeup products and there are so many great items. However, it’s really hard to know which ones you want to avoid unless you buy them and try them out. This is my experience with just 5 drugstore items but I hope it helps you when you are selecting your own items.

( This guest post was written by Beauty with BD, you can find more makeup tips and tutorials on her YouTube channel Beauty with BD)

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