Save money by refilling instead of buying new

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I say this is a no brainer because it’s so simple to save your single-use bottles or jars and refill them with larger bottles that are usually much cheaper per oz. I’ll show you how to save money by refilling instead of buying new. It really is a no brainer!

We use a lot of soy sauce, we put it on rice, stir fry, noodles. We love Soy Sauce! This 10 oz bottle in the picture is $2.49 at my local grocery store. I’ve had that bottle for at least 5 years or more. I buy the big jug at Costco, it was $5.49 the last time I bought it, it’s 64 oz.

Save money by refilling instead of buying new

I did the math and the 10 oz bottle of soy sauce is .249 per oz. The big refill jug from Costco is .085 per oz. If you multiply .249 x 64 oz that comes out to $15.93. That’s how much I would spend if I bought that single-use bottle every time. The 64 oz refill jug from Costco is only $5.44. If I subtract $5.44 (the cost of the refill jug) from $15.93 the cost to buy the 10 oz single-use bottle 6 1/2 times. I get………….ta da $10.49.

I save $10.49 by using the big 64 oz jug to refill the 10 oz single-use bottle 6 1/2 times!!!!! Why would I not do this? Plus less garbage, I know the glass can be recycled but they still use water and other resources to make it and recycle it.

Save money by refilling instead of buying new

You can do this with other things!

I do this with spices and other dry staples that I keep in my pantry. I save the spice containers, these are just some of mine that I bought ages ago and have been refilling ever since.

Other ways to save money by refilling instead of buying new. Here’s what I buy.

  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Cornmeal
  • Lentils

I do recommend only buying out of the gravity-fed bins. I’ve seen kids playing in the big open bins that you scoop out of, no thank you, who knows what gets into those. The gravity-fed bins are safe, you can’t touch the product until it’s in your bag. The savings on spices is unreal, I refuse to buy a jar of spices at any of my local grocery stores, way too expensive!

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Think outside the box

I really try to think outside the box when it comes to savings. I’ve saved small pickle jars. Originally they were pre sliced pickles for burgers and sandwiches. I started buying the giant pickle jar and slicing some and refilling the small pickle jar. If you have a mandoline it makes it really easy to slice pickles.

Of course, if you’ve read some of my other articles you have seen how I get 80 refills from a big jug when you make foam soap. Since the pandemic started I haven’t been able to find the soap that I talk about in the article so I’ve been ordering from Amazon and have found some deals.

There are so many ways you can save by refilling plus you have less packaging to throw away so it’s a win-win for me. What kind of things do you refill to save money?

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