10 Inexpensive Ideas for a Great Lego Birthday Party

Do you want to throw a fun unique birthday party without spending a fortune? Most kids go through a Lego phase. Of course, you can find Lego products for sale all over, but do you want to create a Lego Party on a budget? Here are 10 Inexpensive Ideas for a Great Lego Birthday Party!

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There are so many ideas and depending on your creativity you can go all out. I’m not super creative on my own and I’m also cheap. My son was so excited to have a Lego-themed party. I wanted to find a way to throw a party where I didn’t spend an arm and leg but still look cute. Most things turned out great and of course, there were things that could have turned out better but here are 10 inexpensive ideas we tried for a great Lego birthday party.


1: Super easy and cheap. I bought the primary-colored table covers from the dollar store. They are lightweight and big. Next, I bought paper plates, also from the dollar store, in those primary colors. All you need to do is hang the table cover on the wall or a door and then tape paper plates evenly spaced out down the space. It looks like giant Lego blocks and makes for a great “red carpet photo wall.  

10 Inexpensive Ideas for a Great Lego Birthday Party

Party Favors

2: I’m not big on buying a bunch of useless junk to give out at birthday parties but do feel obligated to give something to the kiddos. I bought a bag of Building Blox Candy and then threw in one of those Building Block Kits that you find at the checkout counter of the store. They are usually a character or some sort of themed component. They are fun for the kids to put together as an activity if you’re looking to occupy some of their time. 

3: I used free Lego stencils to create the Lego studs and then taped them to a primary color gift bag which I got at the dollar store. I used a piece of foam tape so the studs were raised from the paper.  Six buttons make for the perfect Lego brick.


4: Lego face popcorn cups – there are several sites where you can get different printable templates for free. I printed on clear adhesive paper but this link includes instructions for the Cricut Machine. Here’s where I found the inspiration Doodlecrafblog.com.

5: I used these same printable faces on the paper plates as well.

10 Inexpensive Ideas for a Great Lego Birthday Party

6: Lego cupcakes – Basically a cupcake with frosting and then I bought those awesome Building Blox Candy to top them with. I tried to make frosting in primary colors to represent the Lego palette.

10 Inexpensive Ideas for a Great Lego Birthday Party

7: Lego Marshmallow Pops – This was tough for me as I’d never worked with dipping chocolate before. I pushed a large marshmallow onto a Wilton Sucker Stick and then attached half of a mini marshmallow gluing it on with some of the frosting. I used Yellow Chocolate Melts to dip them in and then tried to draw Lego faces with Black Icing Gel. Some look a little terrifying now that I look back at this picture.

Make sure you have something firm to stand them up in. I didn’t think of this in advance and ended up grabbing a homemade foam sword and wrapped it with foil. It did the job, but could have been better, had I anticipated the requirement for a stand. Maybe you have a great idea, comment below we would love to hear it.

Games and Activities for Various Ages

8: Lego coloring contest courtesy of artsyfartsymama.com. She has some great free printables to create an amazing Lego Birthday Party, check out her blog for more ideas.

9: Lego activity book from onemamasdailydrama.com. She has a bunch of printable activities that are Lego-themed like a maze, word search, tic tac toe, super fun for kids.

10: Lego build challenge. We held a challenge for who could build the tallest tower without it falling, but you could have the birthday kiddo choose a contest or theme.

There are so many ideas out there, free printables, banners, cupcake tags, garland, you could go all out. Check out Spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com for a ton of Lego birthday ideas. Possibilities are endless, so many cute ideas. Even if you just use a few of the many ideas it makes it so fun for the kids. They didn’t even notice the scary marshmallow faces. Tell us about your Lego-themed party, we would love to hear!!

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