Created by two Sister’s and Mom’s living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We grew up frugal and we’re kind of obsessed with saving money and getting the best deal. We want to share with the world our creative frugal living tips, money saving ideas and teach you new ways to make common items around your home more useful. We want to help you live your best life and help you work towards financial freedom if that’s what you’re looking for.

This is honestly a way of life for us, we don’t know any other way to live so you can trust that whatever we write about is truthful and something we are passionate about.

We are both Mom’s of teenagers and understand how life can be crazy busy.

Karen is full time working Mom of 1 and a fur baby and a bearded dragon, she loves gardening and canning.

Sisters with Stuff

Michelle is a part time working Mom of 1 and a fur baby, I’m into sewing and finding treasures to sell.

Sisters with Stuff

We both have ideas swirling in our heads and try to find the time to sit down and create great content for our blog in between the ups and downs of the roller coaster that is our lives.

We created Sisters with Stuff in 2011 with the intent of sharing all the frugal ideas and life hacks that we had swirling around in our heads, if we could teach people all the money saving ideas that we used in our everyday life then the world would be a better place. All we had at the beginning was Facebook and a free blog, we eventually upgraded to buy our own domain and then made the move to a hosting site with a real blog and website. Still lots of work and improvements to make but the most important part is writing great content for our viewers and hopefully inspire others to live the life of financial freedom and being content with what you have, no more senseless spending on things we don’t need to make us happy.

Thank you for being here!