Inexpensive and creative gift wrapping ideas

When it comes to gift wrapping I don’t like to spend a fortune, I’m not trying to be cheap I just think it is such a waste to spend so much on beautiful wrapping to just have it ripped off and thrown away in a matter of seconds. I’ve told my family and friends that when it comes to gifts for us they can use or reuse any type of wrap or gift bags without any judgement, there should be no shame in reusing gift bags or using the comics as gift wrap.
Be creative with brown or white craft paper, decorate with pretty stickers or let the kids color with crayons or markers or ink stamps.
Use your crosscut shredder to make colored confetti or cut paper into small shapes and spread glue onto your craft paper and dip into the confetti or glitter, the possibilities are endless.
When you need a gift for someone like a coworker or a gift exchange and you don’t feel comfortable using the comics or doing a craft, buy a (new) reusable grocery bag and put your gift in it, so the bag is part of the gift and it’s something they can use all the time.
I think if you have wonderful family and friends like I do, they don’t expect you to spend a fortune wrapping their gifts in fact they might appreciate it more that you put thought and creativity into it and consider it part their gift. Let’s take the pressure off each other and ourselves to be perfect and to feel like we have to spend alot for the gift to be special, I know we’ve heard this a million times before but it’s the thought that counts right!
Please share if you have any cool gift or gift wrapping ideas!!!!!
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