Using a whole chicken for multiple meals-Part 2

Part 2 – Making homemade chicken stock with the bones from your chicken
Check out Part 1 – Cutting up a whole chicken to see how I got to this point.
I really wanted to make my own chicken stock. Michelle has done it several times but I never have so this was a great opportunity to use the bones from the chicken along with a few veggies. There are lots of recipe’s you can pull up on the internet. I found one at that looked fun.
In a stock pot put the leftover chicken bones and parts
1 Onion (the video says leave the skin on for color)
Garlic whole cloves
Celery chunks
Carrot chunks
Bay Leaf
Bring it to a gentle boil (not rolling) and then turn it down. Scoop off all the foam from the top. 
Let it simmer – some recipes said 2 hours, this one says 12. I let it simmer for about 8 hours. I also replaced water that had evaporated throughout the day.
Remove the large pieces and strain out the smaller chunks
You can eat the veggies or use them in another recipe.
Let it cool in the fridge and then skim the fat off the top.
Use right away or put it in freezer safe containers to use at a later date.
Now I have homemade chicken stock in the freezer ready whenever I need it. 
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