Another Bean success!

I love garbanzo beans, a.k.a chickpeas! Typically the re-hydrated canned beans are over $1.00 per can. If you read my previous post about purchasing dry beans from the bulk section of the grocery store. There are so many benefits to using dried beans vs. canned. See all the details HERE! Canned beans have lost much of their nutritional value, they typically are soaked in sodium and other undesirable ingredients. But the biggest draw for me is the cost. I purchased .79lbs of dried garbanzo beans for $1.07.


 After soaking them in water over night I boiled them until tender.

After bagging them for the freezer I ended up with 5 bags or more than 5 can’s worth of beans. That’s about $0.20 or less per can (assuming$1.00 per can, but I know they cost more than that). Now I have beans ready to go when I need to to throw in meals or on a salad! This is one method to achieving meals for $5.00 or less.

What are your favorite recipes using chickpeas?

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