My Thrift Store Mirror Makeover

I’m not very crafty but I do like to save a buck so when I was looking for a mirror for my daughter I headed to the thrift store to find something that I could maybe refinish or redo, I found this mirror for $9.99, they were having a sale so I ended up getting it for $4.99 (sweet). Like I said I’m not very crafty but I figured I could do something and my daughter is only 4 so she won’t care how it turns out and when she gets old enough she can redo it herself however she wants.  Here is the before picture……
Somebody had “redone” it before me but it’s nice to know that it’s being recycled,  I sanded all the wood and then repainted, if you live near a home depot they have little tiny tubs of paint for $ .50, I already had the paint from a previous project my daughter did. Then she helped me and we put the foam stickers all over the frame, it turned out ok for a project that cost me less than 6 dollars, mind you it did sit in the garage for 6 months unfinished but I’ll use the excuse that I was waiting for warm dry weather to paint.
I think it will work for a 4 year old! Here’s my other thrift store makeover I did a couple of months ago Little Girl’s Dress up Station & Mirror , don’t laugh I know it’s not the greatest, seems that the extent of my abilities are painting and stickers HA!
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