Did you know??….Interesting facts about Cosmetics Companies that could save you some Money!

Did you know that two huge corporations, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder own the majority of all the cosmetics lines? L’Oreal owns Lancome, Maybelline, Redken, Matrix and many more, Estee Lauder owns Bobbi Brown, MAC, Clinique and more. I’m not saying that L’Oreal makeup and Lancome makeup are exactly the same quality but it is possible that the lower end cosmetics and higher end cosmetics are made in the same factory and that some of their products may be very similar. If you are a die hard Lancome user, it could be worth it to buy a comparable L’Oreal product and just see if there is a big difference in the two, it could be that the L’Oreal eye makeup remover works the same as the Lancome eye makeup remover???
Here’s a few more interesting facts that you may not have known, it’s possible you are paying more for a particular item that has these terms on them when really there is no regulation on these terms so you may be wasting your money. You can verify this information on the FDA website http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/CosmeticLabelingLabelClaims/default.htm or type the term in your search engine and it will bring you to an FDA article that explains the term. For example:
Cruelty Free/Not tested on Animals: The finished product was not tested on animals but the raw materials that came from suppliers could be tested on animals.
Dermatologist Tested: But does not mean necessarily Dermatologist approved!
Dermatologist Approved: Could be approved by the one Dermatologist they have on their staff or out of 100 Dermatologists, one of them approved.
Hypoallergenic: Something Hypoallergenic suggests the product will cause fewer allergic reactions than other other cosmetic products, but the term Hypoallergenic is not regulated by the FDA so it can be used on any product.
Noncomedogenic: Is meant to indicate the product won’t clog pores but also not regulated by the FDA so there is no standard it has to reach to be able to claim Noncomedogenic.
Natural: Manufacturers put Natural on the label when they add plant extracts but it does not mean that they have removed the synthetic ingredients. This term is also not regulated by the FDA.
PH Balanced: Is meant to indicate that the product falls within the same ph range that our skin does but again not regulated by the FDA.
I’m not trying to get you to join the bandwagon on a campaign against cosmetic companies, I’m just letting you know that if you are paying extra for items that have these claims you may want to do a little research and find out if it really is worth it, use this information however you see fit!

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