Sonicare Essence Battery Reset Procedure

Is your Sonicare Essence not holding a charge anymore? I learned this trick from calling the Philips customer support, the base for our Sonicare Essence just wouldn’t hold a charge even if it was plugged in all the time, this procedure resets the battery. Before your throw it out and buy a new one try this, see if it works. Make sure the base has a brush head on it, set it in the charger and make sure the charger is plugged in. Press and hold the on button for 5-10 seconds, the base will beep, release the button, let the toothbrush sit in the charger for 24 hours to completely charge. You will know if it worked if your brush can hold a charge, if not it probably didn’t work and you will probably have to get a new one. Philips, the makers of Sonicare say that the batteries are not replaceable and that once you open the brush that it won’t ever work again, I have seen tutorials online where people are able to open it and replace the battery. I have never tried it, honestly I don’t want to mess with it and I’ve been able to stock up when the Sonicare sets were really cheap so I always have a spare.
 Good Luck!
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