Earn Free Money for your Child’s School through BoxTops

You can earn FREE money for your Child’s School or a local school. It’s easy!

How can I get free donations for my school?

Earn free money through box tops for your child's school.

 If you’re as old as I am, you may remember saving soup can labels to raise funds for your school. Not only would we have to save stacks of soup labels but we had to trim off the edges and staple in stacks of 10. I remember our classroom would have contests for which class could collect the most. I had to split my family stash with my 3 siblings. That always bummed me out. I always wondered what happened to the soup labels after we filled bins, but have since learned that the school would turn them in for donations to use for playground or sports equipment. Now when you earn free money for your child’s school it’s not just for playground equipment. The money can be used for technology, library books, it can even help teachers and students get the supplies they need.

When my son was going through elementary school soup labels had evolved into Box Tops. I thought this was a great advancement, much smaller, located on many products, etc. But the schools still had to have parent volunteers to sort out by expiration, count, and group the little cutouts. I even volunteered for this duty at the school since soup labels held such a fond memory for me. It has been a very successful program for many schools. Box Tops for Education has earned just under $1 Billion dollars for schools in the last 20 years, and right now schools can use free money wherever they can get it.

Earn free money through Box Tops for your child's school

Of course, with the ease of apps and smartphones, we have a much easier and faster way to collect points and earn free money for our schools. All you have to do is scan your grocery receipt. That’s it! When I get home from the grocery store I scan my receipt using the Box Tops for Education App and then of course scan again using my Fetch Rewards app I told you about earlier.

Earn free money through Box Tops for your child's school

Sign me up!

Box Tops for Education has a free app you download from the Play Store or App Store. Create an account (*remember my Pro tip about junk mail accounts). Once you create an account you select the school of your choice. Every time you go grocery shopping, just scan your receipt and the app will determine if you’ve purchased any of the qualifying products. You can follow the instructions for digital receipts as well for online shoppers. It will tally up the total contributions you’ve earned for your school and will show the school’s overall performance. I would encourage all your parent/guardian friends to sign up. It’s free money for the school, I can’t imagine how much goes uncollected. They run promotional periods from time to time where certain products get you multiple points or bonus points for referring friends.

It doesn’t cost you anything but helps the schools and communities. Now it’s easier than ever, no cutting or saving box tops in a plastic bag on your counter, it’s all online.

Refer a Friend – Box Tops for Education (boxtops4education.com)

*Pro tip: Create a junk email account. Most promotions or discounts require an email address. Chances are, you will be on an emailing list after that. Create a free email (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) so you don’t have to give every website your personal email account.

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