Buy cheap vodka and filter it to turn it into the good stuff

THE VODKA POST: Did that get your attention, I debated whether or not to post this because I haven’t tried it but I have friends of friends who swear by it. If you research it online the opinions are split 50/50 but I think it’s worth a try. So the theory is that the difference between cheap vodka and expensive vodka is the amount of filtration so you need a Brita or PUR water pitcher with a new filter in it and you buy cheap vodka and filter it at least 3 times. Some people swear by filtering the cheap vodka it ends up tasting just as good as the expensive vodka. That’s a money saver right??? When I buy vodka it’s not the cheapest but not top shelf so I’m thinking even a small improvement to cheap vodka is GENIUS…! What are your thoughts, anybody try this yet?
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