Make your own heating pad with a sock and rice

I know you are wondering WTH is that? It’s perfect if you’ve had a long day of waiting in line or in traffic and your neck muscles are tense. It’s a sock filled with uncooked rice, anytime you need heat just put it in the microwave and get it warm, then wrap around your neck or put on your feet if they are cold. It’s inexpensive to make and can be used over and over. You could even make these into gifts for people, you obviously want to find some kind of nice fabric bag or maybe use a pair of colorful socks (new of course) so it’s a matching set. The one in the picture is ours and we use it all the time, I know it looks kind of grosz you just have to empty it once in a while and wash the sock. What else could you use instead of socks? Any creative ideas?

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