Cake and Ice Cream Serving Hacks

We have all probably been to enough birthday parties to know that getting stuck cutting the cake or serving ice cream can be a messy job. I do my best to not touch the cake with my fingers when I am putting it on the plates but sometimes it’s inevitable. Scooping the Ice Cream can be difficult if it’s been kept in the freezer right up until it’s time to serve it, then it’s usually hard as a rock. I have a hard time scooping until it melts and softens a little, by that time you’re all done. That’s why I love these Cake and Ice Cream Serving Hacks. They’ve been around for a while from Real Simple but they’re worth sharing again.

Cake Serving Hacks:

Cut a sheet cake easily with a piece of unflavored waxed floss, I can think of a few birthdays we’ve been to that were not at someone’s home and they forgot to bring a knife, hopefully, somebody has floss in their purse or pocket. ” A piece of unflavored waxed dental floss makes faster―and cleaner―cuts than a knife does. Hold a piece of floss taut between your fingers (it should be about a foot longer than the cake itself). Drag it down through the cake, then release one end and pull the other end out of the cake sideways. Continue to “cut” in a grid pattern.” Real Simple

Cake and Ice Cream Serving Hacks

Forget about cutting slivers. Easily cut a round cake, use a long sharp knife to cut a smaller circle inside the larger one. Cut the outer ring into wedges, then cut the remaining cake like you normally would , like a pizza. Serve the outside pieces with the frosting to the kids and the inside pieces to the adults because they usually want a small piece without a lot of frosting. Thanks to Real Simple for these awesome ideas and pictures!

Cake and Ice Cream Serving Hacks

Ice Cream Serving Hacks:

I love this one because it saves your wrists and everyone gets the same amount, how did I not think of this? Use a knife, place a round container of slightly softened ice cream on a cutting board and cut it in half lengthwise to create 2 half-circles. Turn each half-circle of ice cream cut-side down. Remove and throw away the ice cream package. Cut each portion crosswise into slices. Real Simple

Scoop out the ice cream ahead of time. Place individual scoops in a cupcake pan with paper baking cups and put it in the freezer for up to several hours. I would definitely need to clean up my freezer and move things around to make room for a muffin pan. After the cake is cut, remove the scoops from the paper baking cups or you can leave them in. Start handing out ice cream scoops. I love this idea, it would save so much time!!! You can turn cupcake liners into little candy pouches. Maybe if it’s a kid’s party you could make these as little thank you gifts, here’s how to do it: Cupcake Liners made into Pouches.

Thanks to Real Simple for these next level serving ideas and pictures!!!!! Remember to always have floss with you, it might save the whole birthday party!

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