Make your own baby food, It’s easier than you think!

Ever thought of making your own baby food? It is so simple and saves so much money and you know exactly what is in it because you made it. I made all my own baby food for my daughter when she was younger, the only time I ever used jar food was if we were out somewhere and she needed to eat.
You don’t need to buy any special appliances, you don’t need to buy¬†the baby magic bullet or any special containers. Here’s what you need: stove, oven, blender, ice cube trays, ziploc bags. The first vegetable I started my daughter on was sweet potato (verify with your doctor before feeding solids to your baby) I just wrapped a sweet potato in foil and baked it like a baked potato, when it was done I let it cool down, peeled it and put it into the blender, blend until it is smooth you might add a little liquid to get it to the right consistency, pour into ice cube trays and freeze.
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Once it’s frozen just put it in ziploc bags and write the date on it, when you are ready to feed just pull one out and heat it in the microwave, 1 cube was the perfect serving size for her, in the beginning, you could also add baby cereal and milk to it.
If the sweet potato is a hit move on to other fruits and vegetables, peas, carrots, other types of squash, apples, pears, peaches, whatever fruits or vegetables you have in your area. I did the same thing with all of them, bake or steam or cook on the stovetop then blend and pour into ice cube trays, if you don’t have a lot of time just do 1 batch at a time.
When she got older I got more adventurous and started making little meals, I would blend chicken with rice or whole wheat pasta, I used things like turnips and parsnips and she loved them because they were mixed with other things, I didn’t add any seasoning to anything and used as much organic as I could. I was really proud of myself knowing that I fed her the best that I possibly could, now at 4 years old she is not a super picky eater which makes dinner time more pleasant.
If you are thinking about it but thought it was too complicated trust me it’s not and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get all the equipment, just cook the food, blend it and pour it into ice cube trays, that’s it!!!!!
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