Make your Little Tikes Climber and Outdoor Toys look like new again

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Usually, springtime is the time to start cleaning up the mess from winter and working on the yard. We start having a few nice days so we are outside all day to soak up that sun we haven’t seen for 6 months or more, especially if you live in the Pacific NW.
If you have little kids you probably have one or more of those Little Tikes climbers or Little Tikes outdoor toys that have been sitting in the back yard all winter, they might be looking pretty sad. Here’s how to bring them back to life and make them look brand new and shiny again. Wash it first really well with the hose and some mild soap, just use a clean rag to get all the mud and debris off, then let it dry really well, you can even use a towel to get it done fast.
Finally, the secret to making your Little Tikes climber or outdoor toys look like new is Armor All, yes I said Armor All, the kind that you use on cars and car interiors. My Dad taught me this one, use a clean rag and just start spraying and polishing, you might need to put a little elbow grease into it. Armor All brings back the color and the shine even if it’s been faded by the sun. If your kids have outgrown it, get it all shined up and sell it at a garage sale or on one of the buy/sell pages, we had one when my daughter was little and I got it used to begin with but when she grew out of it I got it all polished up and sold it for more than what I had paid for it. If you aren’t ready to sell it and kids are going to use it again, they will love the slide, you slide down really fast when it’s all polished up.
Make your Little Tikes toys look like new again


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