Grow green onions in your windowsill

I would love to be able to grow my own food, being able to just step outside and pick something that you needed would be amazing. Unfortunately, I have a backyard that doesn’t get a lot of sun during the day. I’ve tried pots for tomatoes but I would only get maybe one or 2 tomatoes because they didn’t get that hot sun that tomatoes need. I just don’t have that green thumb to grow vegetables. The only gardening tips I can give is how to grow green onions in your windowsill.

You can grow green onions in your windowsill, if you buy a bunch of green onions and you just use the tops, place the white bulb part of the onion in a small glass of water and put it on a windowsill or sunny place. I took this picture 10 days ago (sorry it’s a little blurry) but you can see where I cut off the green part of the onion.  

Grow green onions in the windowsill
Fast forward to yesterday, all I did was change the water every day and look how much they grew!!! I cut the tops again and used them in last night’s dinner. 
Grow green onions in the windowsill

How cool is this! The first few days nothing happened and then literally overnight they sprouted up, I don’t know how many times I will be able to do this but I’ll keep trying until they stop growing. I’m just using these for the green tops for but if you would like to use the whole onion and have a large number of onions year round without replanting. We have a great article that shows you how to plant them in pots outside so you can have Endless Green Onions Year Round.

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