Super healthy, almost all organic meal for $6.13!

I will admit when it comes to eating organic it is harder to make $5 Meals but you just do the best you can, we don’t eat everything organic but I try where I can, and I’m finding that the prices of organic produce is coming down. Anybody else notice that too? Here’s my healthy mostly organic meal for $6.13!
Skinless Chicken Thighs, Organic Quinoa w/Cilantro and Organic Steamed Broccoli
6 Foster Farms chicken thighs for $3.35, I remove the skins (Foster Farms is not Organic, but they are local and do not add hormones or steroids, the chickens they grow are not “caged” but are not “free range” and their feed is not imported from any other country) you decide what is important to you. Here’s how I get my Chicken Thighs for $3.35 per meal.
4 Servings of Organic Quinoa $1.00 (pronounced keen-wa, this is my new favorite food, it is a nutritious whole grain, high in protein, gluten free and a low glycemic index)
Organic Broccoli $1.43 (I paid regular price $1.49 lb)
Onion $ .10
Broth for Quinoa and sauce for Chicken $ .25
Total $6.13
The Quinoa can be kind of plain so I cook it in chicken broth, I’ve had Cilantro left over from a couple meals ago so I’ve been using it up, I put it in the Quinoa to add more flavor. I garnished the chicken with green onion tops that I grew myself in the windowsill so they were FREE!

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