Super healthy, almost all organic meal for $6.13!

I will admit when it comes to eating organic it is harder to makeĀ $5 Meals but you just do the best you can, we don’t eat everything organic but I try where I can, and I’m finding that the prices of organic produce is coming down. Anybody else notice that too? Here’s my healthy mostly organic meal for $6.13!
Skinless Chicken Thighs, Organic Quinoa w/Cilantro, and Organic Steamed Broccoli
6 Foster Farms chicken thighs for $3.35, I remove the skins (Foster Farms is not Organic, but they are local and do not add hormones or steroids, the chickens they grow are not “caged” but are not “free-range” and their feed is not imported from any other country) you decide what is important to you. Here’s how I get my Chicken Thighs for $3.35 per meal.
4 Servings of Organic Quinoa $1.00 (pronounced keen-wa, this is my new favorite food, it is a nutritious whole grain, high in protein, gluten-free, and a low glycemic index)
Organic Broccoli $1.43 (I paid regular price $1.49 lb)
Onion $ .10
Broth for Quinoa and sauce for Chicken $ .25
Total $6.13
The Quinoa can be kind of plain so I cook it in chicken broth, I’ve had Cilantro leftover from a couple of meals ago so I’ve been using it up, I put it in the Quinoa to add more flavor. I garnished the chicken with green onion tops that I grew myself in the windowsill so they were FREE!

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