Banana hangers have a purpose!

Did you know there is a reason why bananas should be kept elevated in some kind of banana hanger? I always thought it was a decorative thing, not so…… here’s what I found out. Bananas give off gasses that make them ripen and turn brown, they need good air circulation around and under them, if they are just sitting on a counter the gasses accumulate underneath and cause them to ripen faster. If they are kept elevated, air can circulate underneath and dissipate some of the gasses. Obviously there is nothing that will stop the ripening process completely but you may be able to hold it off for a little while longer. What are your tricks to keep bananas from ripening too fast?
Did you know you can Freeze Ripe Bananas if you want to make banana bread or something else with them but don’t have time to do it right away!
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