My Celery I grew from Celery that I bought at the store!

This is my celery I’m growing in my backyard just in a pot, I saw it on Pinterest (of course) so I had to try it, I started it with a base that I cut from a regular bunch of celery that I bought at the store. You can see right next to the growing celery is a base I cut today that I’m going to plant. This one tall stalk took a couple weeks to grow this big, there are some smaller stalks growing around it but I’m not sure if they will catch up.

I planted the new base right next to my already growing celery, I just left the top exposed a little, some websites you read say to completely bury it but this is how I planted the other one so I’m going to go with what works for me. Hopefully soon some little green leaves will start growing out of the center, I’m thinking this one will grow a lot faster than the other one because we finally have some warm weather and sunshine. This is so exciting!!!!! I’ll post some pictures when this little guy starts to grow, I know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting!

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