Genius Journal w/Ribbon Bookmark Idea.

My daughter turned 5 so we had big party on Sunday, I’m working on a post with lots of pictures of super simple inexpensive decorations that I made for the party but I couldn’t wait to post pictures of the thank you gifts I made for all the kids to take home. I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it would be so much better than the bag of plastic junk that you get a lot of times and you just end up throwing away after they fall asleep, this idea would totally work for adults too. Each one cost me just under $ .50 to make, that includes the book, ribbon, paper…pretty good huh!

I just bought a bunch of the composition books that most stores have in the school supply section really cheap right now (I got mine for $ .33 each at Rite Aid), then I used ribbon and a hot glue gun and glued a piece of ribbon to the inside of the back cover.

Then I used my computer and some little decorations to make the front cover a little fancy, I printed  each child’s name in a cute font and glued it on (I covered the child’s name for the picture) to cover up the writing on the front, you could decorate it anyway you want and use any colored ribbon or a wider ribbon for the bookmark.
 So cute and I thought the kids would be encouraged to write or color more if they had their own special journal, a lot of adults journal and this would be a great semi homemade gift!
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