Could you stop using paper towels?

You may not think of paper towels as a huge expense but if you are really struggling financially any expense no matter how small or big could impact your budget or maybe you just want to do your part to reduce your footprint and consume less. You could start with paper towels, I’ll be honest I have not completely given up paper towels but the last time I purchased an 8 pack of paper towels was over a year ago, I have significantly reduced the amount that I use by using washcloths and rags. I also love to use newspapers to clean windows, just wipe like you normally would with a paper towel or rag. If you sew there are a ton of great tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest to make your own reusable paper towels. I am all about reusing instead of throwing away. 

If you want to go completely green you could even make your own window cleaner, use equal parts water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Next time try this cool trick, if you are cleaning outside and inside use horizontal strokes on one side when you are wiping the cleaning solution and use vertical strokes on the other then if there are streaks left you can tell which side you need to go back and fix!

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