House Number DIY Project

House number DIY Project


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I’ve been wanting to try a house number project forever. I have literally been looking on Pinterest and trying to decide for almost 2 years. Finally decided to just do it, I knew the look that I wanted and I knew that I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I started scouring the thrift stores looking for the perfect piece of wood, it had to be the right height, width, thickness and price. Here’s how I made my House Number DIY Project. 

Finding the supplies                                                                                                                       

 The piece I found was almost perfect, it was taller than I needed but that was an easy fix with just one cut, the width and thickness were perfect. The best part of all………..It was ONLY .99 CENTS!!
House number DIY Project
I needed to figure the length, taking into account space at the top and bottom, the numbers, and spacing between the numbers. Whoo, that was a lot of math but I did it. After cutting it down to the right size it needed to be sanded and painted.

House number DIY Project

I purchased exterior spray paint for $4, I wanted the wood to be able to stand up to all the outside elements so I did 3 coats of paint letting each coat dry 24 hours before putting the next coat on.

Putting it together

The numbers were the most expensive part, they were $7 each at Home Depot. There were cheaper options but I loved the look of the raised satin nickel so I was willing to spend the extra money. You can also find satin nickel numbers at Amazon for a comparable price. The numbers were a little tricky to put on, I had my husband help. We definitely learned what we would do and not do if there were a next time (my husband says there won’t be) but maybe I could try it again as a gift for a friend or neighbor. 

The final result of my House Number DIY Project:

House number DIY Project
All together it cost me about $45 to make but it was worth it. I love how it turned out and I feel so proud to tell people that I made it myself (with a little help from my husband). I better give him some credit. I anchored it on to a post really tight and so far it has survived wind, rain, and snow, we’ll see what it looks like when winter is over.
Here’s a couple more DIY’s: I did a File Cabinet Makeover, my sister made an awesome Travel magnet organizer that has gone crazy on Pinterest. I did a little Thriftstore mirror makeover that turned out ok, last one was a Wine bottle gift bag from a pair of jeans, that was a fun little project.
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