Birdie in The Nest

Birdie in the Nest for Breakfast

We had Birdie in the Nest for Breakfast a lot as a kid, my Mom made it for us. I’ve never seen it anywhere else and I’ve never seen the name anywhere, maybe it was a name we just made up. Now I make this for my daughter and she can even make it for herself. What is Birdie in the Nest, it’s an egg cooked inside a piece of bread that gets crispy and buttery on the outside. 3 Simple Ingredients, butter, bread, and eggs.
Birdie in The Nest

Birdie in the Nest for Breakfast:

Turn your stove on to med/high, add some butter to melt into a small frypan. Cut a hole in the piece of bread with a glass. I’m using whole wheat bread but you can use any kind of bread that you want. As a kid, we only had white bread so that is what I grew up on.

Birdie in The Nest

You should have bread with a round hole in it and a small round piece of bread like this, don’t throw it away!! You don’t have to use a glass, you could just tear a hole in it. I like the perfect round circle that the glass makes, I guess my OCD is showing.

The butter in your frypan should be melted so you are going to put your piece of bread in the frypan. Hang on to the circle of bread, I promise we’ll get to that soon. Now break an egg or 2 into the hole in the bread. For little kids, I would say 1 egg is enough for bigger kids and adults you can put 2 eggs in.
Now you are going to take your little round circle of bread and swish the raw egg all over the bread, break the yolk, and spread it to all corners, you can lift up the slice of bread to allow some of the egg to run under. When it is sufficiently swished take the round circle of bread, turn it over and place the dry side face down into the hole in the bread. You place the small piece upside down so it has egg on both sides. This is what it should look like.

Birdie in the Nest

Fry on both sides until the egg is done in the middle, maybe you like yours a little less done, that’s ok just don’t fry it as long. Add seasoning at this point, a little salt and pepper on both sides. While it’s frying I press it down with a spatula to squeeze any of the raw egg that is stuck in the middle so it all gets cooked. You should have cooked egg on both sides and the bread will be crispy and buttery.
Birdie in the Nest

Customize it with a slice of ham if that sounds good to you.

There you have it, my super simple, budget-friendly Birdie in the Nest for breakfast or lunch or even dinner. If you are feeling adventurous you could add some thin slices of ham while it’s frying and the ham gets cooked right in with the egg. You can try lots of things, the sky is the limit.
I’m curious, did anyone else grow up with Birdie In The Nest, or was it just my family?
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