Skip the store bought make your own frozen waffles

Skip the store bought and make your own frozen waffles

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Skip the store bought make your own frozen waffles

I’m always looking for time-saving food hacks that are budget-friendly and a healthier option for my family.

Since I start work early in the morning, my husband has the duties to get our son up and ready for school. Don’t ask me why, but he really struggles to find alternatives to cereal for breakfast. My husband can’t cook at all so he panics when he has to prepare meals.

This weekend he asked me to buy frozen waffles so he could just pop them in the toaster. I, of course, wanted to find an alternative to pre-made frozen food so I started my research on Pinterest. If it comes in a box or a can, I always look for a DIY option. I found that it’s less expensive to make your own frozen waffles and super easy!  You’re not saving a massive amount of money but if you take a little savings here and a little savings there it all adds up.

For a little perspective, a box of frozen waffles is about $2.38 for 10 (based on discount store pricing), this is about $0.23 per waffle. You can buy a 10lb box/bag of pre-made mix, just add water, for about $7.80, this option is less than $0.09 per waffle. That is a savings of over $50 per year if you were to make/eat just 1 waffle a day, if you made the waffle mix yourself, your savings would be even more.

Beyond the price, pre-made frozen waffles contain sugar and that is even before you add your favorite syrup. I always prefer to control what ingredients go into our food. While waffles aren’t considered a “healthy” food, either way, I will always take advantage of an opportunity to reduce the sugar or artificial ingredients.

You can make and freeze waffles, then just pop them in the toaster when you want to use them. This may seem like a no brainer to some, but the fact that store-bought frozen toaster waffles are so popular, suggests that maybe people didn’t realize it could be so easy.

Skip the Store Bought Make your own Frozen WAffles

There are no changes to the batter, just follow your typical directions or recipe. Make your waffles as you normally would. I’m using the BELLA Classic Rotating Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker so mine are round but you could always try the Aicook 4-Slice Square Waffle Iron

Skip the Store Bought Make Your Own Frozen Waffles

Separate the waffles and lay them on a cookie sheet or in a pan. Make sure that if you have multiple layers, they are separated with parchment paper. Put the pan in the freezer. Freezing them individually like this will prevent them from freezing together when you store them.

Skip the Store Bought Make your own Frozen Waffles

After your waffles are frozen, layer them in freezer bags (you can use the same parchment pieces to separate any layers. Try to squeeze out as much air as possible while you seal the bag.

Skip the Store Bought Make your own Frozen Waffles

When you want a waffle you just grab one from the freezer and pop it in the toaster.

Skip the Store Bought Make your own Frozen Waffles

If you have the regular square or round waffle maker, the toaster should be a perfect fit to warm them up all the way through.

Dress them like you normally would. We use butter and agave. It’s grab and go!

Skip the Store Bought Make your own Frozen Waffles

I hope you enjoyed following my DIY waffle hack and I’d love to hear about your success with this project. 

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