Try these all-natural tips to get rid of onion or garlic smells on your hands. No harsh chemicals.

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I love to cook and I love cooking with garlic and onion. I cook with onion for almost every meal but when I’m done my hands have the strong smell of garlic or onion. You can wash your hands over and over with scented soap but it doesn’t take the smell away, it just masks it in vanilla scent or whatever scent of soap I happen to have at the time.

Things you can try:


To eliminate odors like garlic and onion from your hands try making a paste of Lemon Juice and Baking Soda, rub together. You just need a small amount of each to rub that paste all around your hands, as you can see in the picture below I buy Baking Soda in larger quantities because I use so much of it and I always have a bottle of Lemon Juice on hand, it’s a pantry staple. Rub the paste in your hands until you can’t smell the garlic or onion, if your hands still smell you can try a dab of table salt, just mix it right in the paste and rub your hands together. The smell should disappear so just rinse your hands really well.  Note: this does not take the place of using antibacterial soap to wash your hands. 

We all have plenty of hand sanitizer around, you can also try washing your hands with soap and water first and then rubbing hand sanitizer on your hands. The alcohol should get rid of the smell. 

Vinegar is another option, there are so many uses for vinegar it works wonders. Fill up the sink or a bowl with water and add 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Just let your hands soak for a few minutes. Wash with soap and water afterward.

Try coffee grounds, grounds that have already been used (don’t waste good coffee) add a little water, and rub together for a minute or two. Hopefully, you are ok with your hands smelling like coffee, I would love it, I would just sit and smell my hands but I’m weird like that.

You could try toothpaste, the kind with baking soda is the best. Squeeze out a small amount on your hands and rub together, rinse with warm water and then wash your hands with regular soap.

Just a reminder:

Anything like lemon or lime juice, salt, and vinegar can really irritate an open cut on your hand so keep in mind that it may sting if you use any of those with a cut anywhere on your hands.

Get rid of smells in your house:

I really have a thing about smells left on my hands and in the kitchen when you are cooking, so I’ve written a couple of posts about certain foods that are delicious but notorious for stinking up your kitchen, love curry but hate the smell that lingers in your house. and how to get rid of brussel sprout smell when you are cooking, those are a couple of the bad ones that really leave an unpleasant smell in your kitchen.

How do you get rid of leftover food smells?

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