How to Soften Brown Sugar that has Hardened

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Has this happened to you? You are ready to bake cookies or it’s the Holidays and you want to make sure you have enough brown sugar, you find it in a bag closed with a twist tie and it’s hard as a rock. People want to know, how to soften brown sugar that has hardened. Well, I’ve got some ways to soften brown sugar and make it fluffy again.

How to soften brown sugar that has hardened

If brown sugar isn’t stored in a sealed bag or airtight container it starts to harden as it loses its natural moisture. Always keep brown sugar in the original sealed bag until you are ready to use it, or if you open it and use some, put the remainder in an airtight plastic container.

Try these solutions:

Place 2 slices of bread in an airtight container with the brown sugar, leave it overnight, if it’s still not fluffy yet try 1 more night.

Put several apple slices in an airtight container with the brow sugar, leave it overnight, if it’s still not fluffy yet try 1 more night

Try several orange peels (repeat all of the same steps as above, basically you are trying to draw the moisture out of the fruit or the bread to soften the brown sugar without changing the taste). Try all three, see what works best for you, the humidity in your air also plays a role so that’s why you just have to tweak it until it’s the right consistency for you.

When you need it right away:

If you need soft brown sugar right away you can try the microwave, 2 ways, place the sugar in a microwave-safe bowl and lay a damp paper towel over the top of it. Set it for 10-15 seconds at a time until you get the desired softness but always watch it, if you leave it unattended it can burn. Another way is to put the sugar in a microwave bowl with a loose lid laying over the top. Fill a small glass microwave-safe bowl with water and put it in the microwave next to the sugar. Do the same thing set it for 10-15 seconds until you get the desired result, again watch it very closely or it will burn.

You can also use the oven instead of the microwave if you need the brown sugar softened right away. Heat your oven to a low temperature 200-250, put it in an oven-safe bowl. While it’s warming fluff it with a fork or spoon every couple of minutes until it’s the right consistency.

Try a Terra Cotta Sugar Saver:

The last tip is a terra cotta sugar saver but I don’t have one so I’ve never tried it to see how well it works. It is an actual piece of terra cotta in the shape of a disc or a bear, when first buy it you soak it in water, it’s very porous so it soaks in a lot. When you put it in a sealed container of dry brown sugar, the moisture is drawn out and goes back into the sugar to make it fluffy again. You can also keep a terra cotta sugar saver in with your brown sugar all the time to maintain the amount of moisture so it will never get hard as a rock. If you have one of these or you end up trying one, I would love to know how well it works. Here are some examples:

Let me know how it goes if you try any of these. If you like this article you might like: How to make your own brown sugar or use your brown sugar to make a batch of Homemade Hot Buttered Rum.

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