I have 2 towels hanging from my stove, 1 for hands, 1 for dishes!

I have done this since the dawn of time, I have 2 towels hanging from my stove, 1 for hands and 1 for dishes. I think I learned it from my mother and I’ve been able to teach my Husband after many years of marriage. I have a teenager as well that I am still training, it’s a work in progress. 

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Why do I have 2 towels hanging from my stove, 1 for hands, 1 for dishes:

I have always believed that you should have one towel that is devoted to drying your hands after you have washed them. It is not for wiping dirty or greasy hands, strictly for hands that have been washed. You should not be wiping counters or sinks with that hand towel either. Again that hand towel is only for hands that have been washed with soap and water at the kitchen sink. That one is usually the decorative thicker towel.

The second towel is for drying dishes only. It is usually the white flour sack towels from Amazon that are my favorites, Ikea also has white drying towels that I’ve purchased as well. You should never dry your hands on the dishtowel, that is strictly for drying dishes that you have hand-washed. It should not be used to wipe your counter or sink off after you have finished drying dishes. That towel is strictly for drying wet dishes that have been hand washed or still have a little water left from the dishwasher.

Maybe I’m crazy but my philosophy has always been that even though you have washed your hands with soap and water, your hands are still loaded with germs. When I am in the kitchen I am constantly washing my hands and drying them on the hand towel, I want to keep those germs isolated as much as possible from the dishtowel. I know there will be germs on the dishtowel, even though you’ve washed a dish or piece of silverware it can still carry different germs. I’m just trying to reduce the number of germs on that dishtowel as much as possible.

Am I crazy?

Am I crazy, maybe? I’ve looked online to see if I could find any data to back up my hypothesis. I have not found anything specific to using 2 towels for separate tasks. I’m not using either of these towels to wash dishes or wipe counters. Gah, that’s a completely different sponge that I have already written about in the article Make Your Scrubbing Sponge Last Longer. There are loads of articles that say our kitchen towels are loaded with bacteria possibly even E-Coli and should be laundered every day. Well, that’s not going to happen but I will say I am diligent about replacing them every so often. 

I have 2 towels hanging from my stove, 1 for hands 1 for dishes

It has been really hard for me to find decent hand towels for the kitchen as mine wear out. I’m always on the hunt for good quality, the cheap ones feel like they actually repel water. I researched and these all have high ratings and good reviews if you are looking for kitchen towels.

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  1. You are absolutely correct, except that the flour sack ‘dish’ only towels your Mother had hanging, usually had childish hand embroidery decorating them. You learned well, ‘Grasshopper’ as the teacher used to say!

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