Inexpensive 5yr old Girl Unicorn Birthday Party!

Inexpensive Ideas for a 5yr Old Unicorn Themed Birthday Party
When my daughter was 5 she wanted a Unicorn Birthday Party. You always want your child to have a fun party for her and her friends but without spending a fortune. I had to be creative to throw an inexpensive 5yr old Girl Unicorn Birthday Party.
When it really comes down to it, kids don’t need a fancy party with expensive decorations and food. They just want to play with their friends, open some gifts and have cake, it’s really that simple. She didn’t know that I reused items we had already or that I got stuff from the dollar store. Kids don’t need everything to make them happy, they are happy to be with their family and feel special on their special day. 

I started with a color scheme:

I based the color scheme on a quilt and unicorn pillow pet that she had and I set it out for decoration. We had lots of purple and pink around.  Zero money spent on that!
Inexpensive 5 yr old girl Unicorn Birthday Party
These pennants were easy to make. from 1 book of craft paper from the dollar store. I strung them around the room with curling ribbon. $2.00 approximately for the pennants.
This game, pin the horn on the unicorn came from eBay for less than $5. They did have them at oriental trading cheaper but if I paid for shipping it ended up being more expensive. It was an easy game that little kids could play and it also served as a decoration.

This is a hack I use when it comes to plates and napkins:

One trick I like to use is to buy a couple of colors of plates and napkins at the dollar store and then alternate them. To save money on the preprinted theme plates and napkins buy one of each, Then buy a plain colored plate and napkin that goes with the preprinted theme plate and napkins, alternate one theme plate, one plain color plate, and so on.
The theme plates and napkins are so expensive, they only put 8 or 16 in a package for $3.99 so if you bought enough for everyone you would end up spending $20.00 just on plates and napkins. You can find packages of 20 of the plain color supplies at the dollar store, I spent $4, 2 packages of plates, and 2 napkins!

Candy and food for my Inexpensive 5yr old Girl Unicorn Birthday Party:

The marshmallow poles came from the dollar store, I thought they looked like unicorn horns. The vase I already had and I shredded the leftovers from the pennant decorations to put in the bottom of the vase.
I ended up not buying a table cloth I just laid out some old baby blankets that were pink and white. I bought some of the smooth n melty mints that had the pastel unicorn colors that I was looking for. We blew up our own balloons (package of 25 from the dollar store) and hung a bunch from the ceiling with curling ribbon. There is a helium shortage in the US right now so I wouldn’t have been able to get them filled even if I wanted to.
Ok don’t laugh, the cupcakes were supposed to look like unicorns but they ended up looking like gnomes. This was a FAIL but it was a bunch of little kids and they didn’t care, they just thought it was fun to eat a sugar cone and a cupcake. I did have a bunch of food, veggies, and fruit that I cut myself, I didn’t buy the pre-cut trays. Hummus that I made myself and pita bread. I didn’t take a picture of everything but using my own platters and cutting everything myself saved a ton of money. I served my famous Non-Alcoholic Raspberry Punch which is another budget-friendly recipe and it’s always a hit. 
I found this great idea for water bottles on Pinterest, you can find duck tape now in fancy designs. I found this design at Joann Fabrics and used a 40% off coupon so it ended up being about $2. You wrap the tape around water bottle labels or anything you want to decorate.

Thank you gifts:

As thank you gifts for all the kids I decided not to do the bag of goodies that usually gets thrown out right away anyway. I made everyone a journal out of the plain journals that you can buy for $ .50 or less right now wherever they sell school supplies. I glued a ribbon to the inside of the back cover to pull forward and use as a bookmark, you can see my tutorial from an earlier post Journal w/Bookmark Gift. I personalized the front of each one with the child’s name. I used my printer and some fun fonts and glued them to the front.
The parents were happy not to get a bag of junk and all the kids are just learning how to write their letters so they can practice writing or coloring in their own special journal.
I was happy with the way everything turned out, my daughter and her friends had a wonderful time! Now she’s a teen and doesn’t even remember most of the details about this party. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Kids don’t need expensive, lavish parties. I would rather save the money when they are younger for the important things when they get older. School activities, transportation, uniforms, college! 
Absolutely nothing wrong with a budget-friendly party, go for it!

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