We switched to once a month garbage pickup to save money. It saves us $138.00 per year.

Could you live with only 1 Garbage pickup per month?

I wanted to share with you why we switched to once a month garbage pickup to save money. It saves us $138.00 per year but is it worth the trouble?

Believe it or not, this is our garbage for an entire month, for my husband, myself, and our 13 yr old daughter. Way back when my daughter finished wearing diapers I started thinking about changing our garbage service to reduce our bill. I called our provider and reduced the size of the garbage can from a 32 gallon to a 19 gallon with once per week pickup, which reduced my bill by $7.69 per month $92.34 per year.
Garbage for 1 Month
We have so little garbage because we recycle everything possible that can be recycled and every bit of food waste goes in a yard waste container that we share with our neighbor. I don’t buy a lot of prepackaged stuff so there is not much left for garbage. We live in the Pacific NW so we are pretty crunchy around here.
Even after we switched to the 19 gallon can we still barely had 1 bag of garbage per week so I called our service provider again and asked them what my options were. They didn’t have a smaller container or an every other week pickup so my only option was to go back up to the 32 gallon can with once a month pickup. That saves us $11.45 per month or $137.48 a year.
I save money anywhere I can, I put together this article 25 Energy Saving Tips for your Home with more ideas to save on utilities.

Once per month pickup.

It works out pretty good, we do fill it up every month and I am still having to teach my daughter about what’s garbage, what’s recycling, and what’s yard waste. I admit for someone that doesn’t live here it may seem really complicated. For example, a Starbucks cup with a sleeve needs to be separated into 2 different categories. The sleeve is recycling, after the lid has been rinsed out it is also recycling, the cup after it’s rinsed out is yard waste. Any kind of napkins or pizza boxes go into the yard waste to be composted.
I can see how someone might look at us and wonder why do we do all of this? Honestly, it’s just a way of life, we’ve done it so long that it just doesn’t seem like it’s any extra effort. One drawback is that our garbage can get kind of stinky, the packaging from fresh fish and chicken get really bad in the summertime. Wintertime is better because the garage stays pretty cold. We have to be careful around holidays and birthdays because there tends to be a lot more garbage, we recycle and compost everything that can be and the rest usually fits into the garbage.
Another thing you can ask about is the rental of the garage can, we have the option to rent the can or buy our own, you definitely want to buy your own. There is no reason you should have to pay rent on a garbage can when you can pick one up for $20.

I realize this isn’t for everybody.

I realize everybody has different circumstances, more people in your family, or several little ones in diapers or it might not be worth the extra effort for small savings. I do know some places don’t even offer recycling or yard waste so you do what works for you. I’m just happy to squeeze out a little more savings from any place I can and reduce what goes to the landfill. I’m not judging or preaching I just put this out there for somebody that might not have known you can save money by making a few changes. They might be somebody that needs to reduce their spending by any amount even if it’s only $11.45 per month.

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