Onions last longer when they hang in a cool place

If you’ve seen this but wondered if it really works I can honestly tell you that it does. This is a picture I took in my garage of my onions so I didn’t just steal a picture from the web, I actually do this and it’s worth it. If you just buy a few onions here and there don’t worry about doing this but if you buy a big bag from Costco or somewhere else it really makes them last longer. I buy the big bag because it ends up being about half the price per pound than if I bought them individually but there are only 3 of us in my family so it takes a little while to use them, if I just let them sit in the bag I end up having to throw away about 25% of them because they go bad before I use them, that kind of defeats the whole purpose of trying to save money. Now that I started hanging them like this, I can use every last one and they aren’t rotten or slimy.
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