Use up that Zucchini and Squash!

I’m sure many of you have gardens this year that are overflowing with Zucchini and Squash.

My dad always said that Zucchini was the solution to world hunger since it is so easy to grow and so plentiful. We normally saute the two veggies with onions and mushrooms etc but I wanted to try something new. I went to my favorite recipe site to look for some new ideas. I found a great idea  for Zucchini Fritters and then modified it a bit to fit my own situation. See here for the proportions and ingredients.

Shred all the veggies, mix with beaten eggs and the dry ingredients. I replaced the corn muffin mix with corn meal.

Spoon Tablespoons into a fry pan with oil. I used a lot more oil the the recipe called for but I’m not real experienced with frying so that may be the issue. 

Fry on each side for approx 2 minutes. I found that the smaller the scoop the neater the fritter turned out.

I am a super picky eater and I actually really like these. I think they would go really well with tarter sauce or even ketchup. Although they are fried they are all vegetables. Check out the a past article about Kids vs Vegetables. This is another idea to help them try something new. They’re crunchy and delicious. Let us know if you have tried these!!!! 

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